Probably everybody knows that gambling is illegal in certain countries like the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. However, not everybody knows that online gambling is illegal in many countries where gambling in brick and mortar casinos is completely legal. This can be a bit confusing when traveling. To prevent you from not being able to use the free spins when traveling, we created a guide to let you know where you can and cannot play in online casinos. After all, it would be very disappointing if you are waiting to use your free spins during a business trip only to find out that you cannot use them at the location.

Countries you better not access an online casino from

There are only seven countries in the world in which all forms of gambling are 100% illegal. You better not try to use your free spins when traveling to Brunei, Kuwait, Lebanon, North Korea, Qatar, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Luckily there are only a few of them which means that you can use your free spins in most parts of the world. However, in some parts online gambling might be regulated, but you still might not be allowed to play at some casinos. This happens when the country only accepts locally licensed casinos.

Grey areas when it comes to online casinos

There are still some countries that are kind of a grey area when it comes to online gambling. This happens when online casinos are not legal and not allowed to operate from the country, but players from the same country can access the casinos and place bets. Placing bets is not illegal, so the only one that can be held responsible or be fined, is the casino. Two great examples of countries like these are Norway and the Netherlands.

Dutch casino regulations

This country deserves a special paragraph. Because if you Google Nederlandse casinos met free spins, which means Dutch casinos with free spins, you get a lot of results. This paints a picture that looks like the opposite of what the government wants to show. They have been fining all casinos that target Dutch players for a while now and they have even been going after casino affiliates in an attempt to shut down the market. But there is so much money to be made, so casinos happily pay this fine and you can continue to play at Nederlandse casinos met free spins.

Which countries are best for playing at an online casino?

If you don’t trust the Nederlandse casinos met free spins search results, you can always travel to a country where it is very likely that you can continue to play the casino games of your choice. A few examples include Canada and Malta. You can also try to use your free spins in Finland and Germany as these countries are still open to casinos. Just be careful, as there are plans to close these markets as well and regulate them nationally.

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